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In 2001, after having encountered some serious problems with corks, we started experimenting with different closures. Apart from cork taint, there is nothing worse that opening a 15-year-old bottle of wine and realising that oxidation has ruined a great wine. There is nothing more disappointing and frustrating when when you’ve spent a year nurturing your vines, another year in your winery trying to make the best wine possible. 

At Le Domaine d’Henri, all of our bottles are sealed with screwcaps because we believe that this is the best technical solution currently available. Screwcaps offer a neutral, airtight seal that is superior to natural cork and preserve the freshness and minerality of our wines over the years. That is what we are looking for. Over the past ten years, we have tasted numerous examples that lead us to believe that screwcap-sealed wines will age twice as long as those sealed with natural corks.