It all started badly! After an atrociously cold and wet spring, a hailstorm significantly reduced the potential yield in our Chablis vineyards.  Flowering didn’t occur until end June, which led us to predict a late harvest. 

Ordinarily, we would treat our vines 12 times, but in 2012, no less than 17 treatments were required to control the attacks of mildew that so easily thrive in such humidity. Luckily, at the end of June the good weather finally arrived and the rest of the summer was warm and sunny. 

September was equally clement and the harvest started at the beginning of October with excellent quality grapes registering natural degrees of 12,5° and perfect acidity. 

2012 is characterised by this late harvest. Grapes weren’t exposed to intense heat and therefore retain a beautiful freshness and finesse. Globally, however, the volumes are slightly down. 

2012 reminds me of 2002, a perfect Chablis vintage that will continue to improve over several years, perhaps even 20 for the very best wines. A vintage for purists.